These are the services I provide regarding development and security.
In case you are interested in one or more of my services or need something which is not listed on this page, contact me with your request and I will reply with a quote.

Website Development
-) Developing websites in PHP with the possibility of an administration interface to manage the site.
-) Convert static HTML/CSS templates to a dynamic site in PHP.
-) Photoshop design to a static or dynamic site.
-) Creating or modifying PHP scripts.

vBulletin 4
-) Creating or modifying plugins, add-ons and templates.
-) Creating forum styles based on a Photoshop design or existing style.
-) Upgrading vBulletin and all plugins.
-) Securing and optimizing vBulletin settings.

-) Analyzing PHP scripts for vulnerabilities.
-) Website and server pentesting, manually and with software.
-) Securing websites and servers.
-) Cleaning up hacked websites and forums and tracing the hack.

Extra Services
-) Installing and configuring website software.
-) Optimization of websites and servers.
-) Fixing and optimizing PHP scripts.

-) Some of the services require access to FTP, SSH or software such as cPanel and DirectAdmin.
-) I do not provide any designing services, I expect the customer to deliver all images and graphics to me.
-) All website services and products come with 31 days of free support to fix any mistakes and errors that may occur.